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Honey B Guys
Ada, MI

Phone: 616-863-9286
Email: ross@karaconhomes.com
Website: karaconhomes.com
FREE removal of honeybee swarms within a 20 mile radius of Rockford. Minimal charge after 20. Void (structure) removal of bees and hives. LIVE REMOVAL. Calls returned within minutes! Fast, friendly service. We can repair any damage caused by removal of bees and hives from structures. Licensed and insured builder. Karasiewicz construction, Inc.
Oscar Lopez
Adrian, MI

Phone: 517-759-4418
Email: northstarplastering@gmail.com
bee removal
Alamo Honey Farms
Alamo, MI
Email: info@alamohoneyfarms.com
Website: AlamoHoneyFarms.com
Comments: Swarm removal and removal from building structures. We provide a homeowner warranty with all our services. Michigan licensed builder, fully insured for your protection. We serve all of southwest Michigan.
Kathleen Cunningham
Algonac, MI
Phone: 810-845-5619
Email: cunningham421@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal! I am a licensed, insured and experienced beekeeper/carpenter. I will deconstruct buildings and other objects to remove and relocate bees/nest and repair/restore building to it original condition. Serving all of lower Mich.
Michael Sautter
“The Downriver Beekeeper”
Allen Park, MI
Phone: 313-383-4595
Phone (cell): 313-220-7729
Comments: Honeybee removal. Serving Wayne, and surrounding counties!
Ann Arbor, MI
Phone: 734-660-8621
Comments: Bee Swarms, NO COST REMOVAL. I am available to remove Honey Bees either as swarms or cut outs in and around the Ann Arbor area.
Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: 734-864-3385
Email: bman@caseyshoney.com
Swarm removal, No cost. Can do cutouts in some cases, but require carpenter assistance. Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Bloomfield Hills.
Doug Umbanhowar
Bangor, MI

Phone: 269-427-5356 (home) 269-214-2794 (cell)
Email: dlglu@hotmail.com
Free swarm retrieval in Van Buren County. Hive removal in homes and buildings for a fee. Free estimates.
Dan Keeler
Bay City, MI
Phone: 989-225-4161
Swarm removal in Bay, Midland, Isabella, Saginaw, and Tuscola Counties. Swarm removal and some trapouts/ cut outs. Please do not bother the bees before contacting me. If they are wasps or hornets, I can offer suggestions, and may be able to help, but cannot guarantee removal. Please remember that this is a hobby for me, not a job. If I don’t answer, leave a message, and I will get back with you right away. If I am unable to help in a timely manner, I work with another beekeeper that I may be able to refer you to.
Beaverton, MI

Phone (home): 989-435-4373
Phone (cell): 989-205-4804
Email: kinneplastics@yahoo.com
Comments: Will do Bee removal in Gladwin, Midland, Clare, Bay, Isabella, Gratiot, and Saginaw counties. Honey Bee swarms are free, removal of hives costs depend on work involved and reward. I have a Bee Vac. Might be willing to go farther, give me a call.
Beulah, MI
Phone (cell): 231-651-0682
Email: grizbee2@yahoo.com
Comments: Please call me or e-mail me if you need a swarm of honeybees removed in the Benzie, Leelanau, Grand Traverse, or Manistee Co. area, or if you know of a wild swarm that needs a home. Thanks.
Roy Coates
Brandon Township, MI
Phone: 248-840-4611
Email: roycoates63@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/kidsandadadatwork?ref=hl
Comments: Free swarm removal! I am a licensed, insured and experienced beekeeper/carpenter. I will deconstruct buildings and other objects to remove and relocate bees/nest and repair/restore building to it original condition.
Marc Cunningham
Brown City, MI
Phone: 810-845-5619
Email: cunningham421@gmail.com
Comments: FREE Honey Bee Swarm Removal! I will remove easily accessible honeybee swarms free of charge from exterior buildings and objects (trees, bushes, fences, posts, etc.). Extracting honeybee colonies that have nested within buildings and other structures, and the removal of wasps and hornets require a fee, depending upon the difficulty of the job.
Bee Naked Farm
Toby & Danielle Ernsberger
Buchanan, MI
Phone: 574-993-3622
Email: ernsbergersx4@art.net
Comments: We will remove bees from buildings or take swarms.
Kim Claflin
Center Line, MI
Phone: 517-420-8343
Comments: Removing swarms throughout Michigan. Fees involved for house, building removals. Environmentally friendly bee/wasp/hornet removals. Charges will apply for wasp and hornets and may apply for difficult bee removals.
Micah Peet
Centerville, MI

Phone: 269-330-8143
Email: micah.peet@gmail.com
Free outdoor swarm removal. Willing to have a look at bee trees and bees in homes, sheds and outbuildings. Serving the counties of St. Joseph, Cass and Kalamazoo, MI and LaGrange and Elkhart counties, IN
Michael VanderMey
Clarksville, MI

Phone: 616-693-2465
Email: michael@dutchfamilyfarm.com
Bee Swarm Removal
Chris White
Clayton, MI
Phone: 517-438-0090
Email: whitecc@metalink.net
Comments: Swarm Removal
Matt Tucker
Coopersville, MI

Phone: 616-638-0213
Email: sugarbearapiaries@gmail.com
We remove swarms and will cut out hives from buildings. Will work in Kent, Ottawa and Muskegon counties.
Tom Atkins
Crystal Falls, MI
Phone: 906-284-2351
Email: tileguy@up.net
Comments: Swarm Removal. Searving the entire U.P.
Detroit, MI

Phone: 313-999-3180. If no answer, Please leave a message, and I will call you back.
Email: malallah@dwsd.org or m7mav@yahoo.com
Comments: I keep bees in southeast Michigan, and I am willing to remove bee swarms around my area.
Billy Craig
Detroit, MI

Phone: 734-992-2326
Email: flint300@gmail.com
Website: beecarefree.weebly.com
Please leave message regarding bees. Or visit my website at beecarefree.weebly.com. I will respond ASAP. Honey bee removal only. Local area (Wayne, Washtenaw, and Monroe Counties) only. Thanks.
Shannon Bigham
Dimondale, MI
Phone: 517-646-0745
Email: willowblossomfarms@hotmail.com
Hi I’m Shannon Bigham from Willow Blossom Farms…I service honeybee removal in Eaton and Ingham counties in Michigan…I remove swarms and honeybees in dwellings..Please feel free to call anytime..any day…call first and call fast..time is the essence with a swarm…
Dan Mioduch
East Tawas, MI
Phone: 989-254-0439
Email: dmioduch@gmail.com
Comments: FREE removal of honeybee swarms within a 30 mile radius of East Tawas. Just pay for my gas if over 10 miles but please be sure you have identified them positively as honey bees prior to calling.
Daniel Hendrick
Edmore, MI

Phone: 989-427-5536
Email: mmxx25@hotmail.com
Swarm removal within 60 miles of 48812 zipcode.
Jonathan Cole
Empire, MI
Phone: 231-709-0128
Email: manitoucole@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LCBeekeeping
Comments: Swarm capture and nest removal in Leelanau and Benzie Counties.
Shannon Slanec
Fenton, MI

Phone: 248-755-3022
Email: shannonslanec@aol.com
Hello, My name is Shannon. I live in Fenton, MI and have an apiary at my home. I believe that it is extremely important to protect the honey bee for our environment. If you have a honey bee swarm, please feel free to give me a call or e-mail. I will be more than happy to help move the bees and give them a happy home.
Charles Cosby
Flushing, MI

Phone: 810-908-2219
Email: mrc79_2000@yahoo.com
I will remove for free, Honey Bee Swarms in Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, Saginaw, Shiawassee and Tuscola counties. I am not insured to remove existing hives in buildings or structures.
Jeffrey Brown
Garden City, MI

Phone: 734-837-3800
Email: tactic23@yahoo.com
Live removal and relocation within a 20 mile radius.
Philip Raubinger
Gaines, MI

Phone: 810-730-3662
Email: praubinger@yahoo.com
I keep bees in Southeastern Genesee County, and I am willing to remove bee swarms through Genesee, Shiawasee and Livingston Counties.
Clint Spencer
Grand Blanc, MI
Phone: 810-771-8848
Email: thebeeguy@yahoo.com
Serving the Grand Blanc area.
John Byers
Grand Haven, MI
Phone: 616-843-1039
Email: jsbyers2@hotmail.com
Website: www.greatlakesbees.com
Comments: Swarm and bee removal from homes and trees. Pollination services for home owners, gardener’s, and backyard orchards.
Cory Posey
Grand Ledge, MI
Phone: 517-920-9292
Email: poseyhoneyco@gmail.com
Comments: honeybee swarm removal
Aaron Buys
Grand Rapids, MI

Phone: 616-805-9075
Email: aaronbuys@yahoo.com
Live honey bee removal in and around SE Grand Rapids at no cost. Please email or call with your location and I will get back to you ASAP.
Michael C. Malone
Greenville, MI

Phone: 616-299-0791
Email: mmalone1@chartermi.net
I prefer to remove Honey Bee swarms only and will remove them from buildings. Swarms are free but there will be a charge for removals from buildings if any carpentry work has to be done. I have a bee vac and will travel to Kent, Montcalm, Ionia, Newago, Mecosta County’s.
John Mizak
Grosse Ile, MI

Phone: 734-675-6405
Comments: I’ll do cutouts and regular swarms in southeast Michigan between Detroit and Toledo, Ohio. Thanks.
Marti Mayack
Hastings, MI
Phone: 269-838-8799
Email: mayackdvm@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybees only. Swarms or hive removal. I will not kill colonies unless it is the only option. I will removed swarms and hives no charge.
Jay Peasley
Hesperia, MI

Phone: 231-854-1620
Email: jay.peasley@frontier.com
Free swarm removal within a 45 mile radius of Hesperia. Limited bee removal from buildings and trees.
Todd Caulkins
Hillsdale, MI

Phone: 517-320-7999
Email: Toddcaulkins@sbcglobal.net
Humane Honey Bee removal and relocation. Minimal removal charges.
Ted Nelson
Howard City, MI
Phone: 231-9376-883
Email: maccmsp@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal. If inside building will need contractor to remove structure to gain access to bees. Newaygo, Montcalm and northern Kent counties.
Richard Donham
Ida, MI

Phone: 419-467-3000
Email: rdonham@phoenixsvs.com
Honeybee colony and swarm removal in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio
Francis Montry
Ida, MI

Phone: 419-392-7469
Email: fmontry@aol.com
Call me if you have a swarm you want removed. Honey bees only please. Monroe county, Eastern Lenawee County only.
Keith or Jessica
Steller Apiaries
Jackson, MI
Phone: 517-404-3544
Comments: We remove swarms for free and established colonies for a fee depends on complexity.
Ben Schlenker
Jackson, MI
Phone: 517-990-7505
Email: olebearzbees@gmail.com
Website: www.olebearzbees.com
Comments: I provide free swarm removal and cut outs for a reasonable fee as each case will vary. I can handle bees up to 40 feet in the air. I have a bucket truck and bee vac. I will hive all honeybees in a new home, or will assist you in establishing your own hive if you so desire.
Rick Van Baren
Jenison, MI

Phone: 616-730-2070
Email: honeybeerick@gmail.com
Swarm removals in the Kent and Ottawa area.
Terry Ferrell
Kalamazoo, MI

Phone: 269-998-7690
Email: ferrellbuilders@yahoo.com
Free swarm removal in Allegan, Kalamazoo, and Kent counties. Bee removal in structures for a fee.
Jason Byler
Kalamazoo, MI
Phone: 269-459-1294
Phone (cell): 269-204-2035
Email: jandjbyler@juno.com
Comments: I serve Allegan County, Barry County and Kalamazoo County with swarm removal and colony removals.
Shannon and Lorrie Bigham
Lansing, MI
Phone: 517-646-0745
Email: willowblossomfarms@hotmail.com
Comments: We remove honeybee swarms for free…we remove colonies in dwellings for a fee…
Vern Martin
Lapeer, MI

Phone: 810-358-0010
E-mail: info@honeymapletree.com
Website: http://www.honeymapletree.com/
FREE Honey Bee Swarm Removal! I will remove easily accessible honeybee swarms free of charge from exterior buildings and objects (trees, bushes, fences, posts, etc.). Extracting honeybee colonies that have nested within buildings and other structures, and the removal of wasps and hornets require a fee, depending upon the difficulty of the job. Servicing Lapeer, Oakland, Macomb Counties, and surrounding areas!
John Isham
Leslie, MI
Phone: 517-993-3409
Email: johnisham5@msn.com
Comments: Honey Bee Swarm removal (for cost of gas). Fee based Structural cut out of established hives for the purpose of relocating in my apiary.
Don Sharboneau
Miracles Honey Farm
Lincoln, MI
Phone: 989-736-8477
Comments: I prefer to remove swarms only but will consider removing them from buildings. Swarms are free but there will be a charge for removals from buildings if any carpentry work has to be done. I will travel to any town with in Alcona County (Harrisville, Hubbard Lake, Glennie) and also to Alpena or Oscoda.
Dan Rohde
Ludington, MI
Phone: 231-690-2937
Email: danjrohde@yahoo.com
Comments: swarm removal
Cornelis Frankfort
Luther, MI
Phone: 616-260-3336
Email: kees.frankfort@gmail.com
Comments: I am willing to remove honeybee swarms throughout Lake, Wexford and Osceola counties.
Reid Hoffstrom
Marquette, MI
Phone: 815-312-7461
Email: hoffstromr@hotmail.com
Comments: Bee removal and swarm capture
Susan Dressel
Maybee, MI
Phone (home): 734-587-8778
Phone (cell): 734-775-4774
Comments: Serving Monroe County. I’ll take your bees and give them a nice home. Serving Monroe and surrounding counties.
Tim Byers
Melvin, MI
Phone: 810-434-5484
Phone (cell):  810-434-5484
Will remove swarms (FOR Free) from Lapeer, Genesee, Sanlac, North Oakland and Macomb counties and Detroit,Flint,saginaw. Will remove established hives in residential and commercial buildings, but some costs may apply depending on location and difficulty of removal of the hive! we charge to rid your property of wasp and hornets.
Julie Maurer
Midland, MI

Phone: 989-631-6735
Email: jlmaurer@umich.edu
1) Free removal of honeybee swarms in Midland, Sanford, Auburn Michigan. 2) Removal of honeybee colonies. Fee depends on size and location of colony.
Brad Keskey
Midland, MI

Phone: 989-513-8830
Email: bradkeskey@gmail.com
Honeybee Swarm Removals in Midland, Bay, Saginaw, Isabella, Gladwin County. I am a hobby beekeeper, call me for removals, if I cannot remove it I have many contacts in other counties that can. Leave a message on my phone if I don’t answer. Thanks!
Kris Peacock
Midland, MI
Phone: 517-231-0906
Email: peacoc15@gmail.com
Comments: As a service to the community and to the honeybees, I happily re-home swarming honeybees free of charge. I also take on established hives on a case by case basis. Midland, MI and surrounding counties.
Great Lakes Honey
Milford, MI

Phone: 248-343-6140
Email: Great.Lakes.Honey@gmail.com
Comments: Feel free to call with any questions regarding bee removal. Serving Oakland, & Livingston & Washtenaw County.
Bill Bray
Monroe, MI

Phone: 734-777-2365
Email: braybil@yahoo.com
I’m with the Monroe County Bee keepers Club, Monroe Mi. Please do not kill the honeybees, we will have a member remove the honeybees for you free of charge. The honeybee is a big part of the food chain and they are being killed off. We are serving Monroe County but we will help you get in touch with someone that can help you if you are not from Monroe.
David Froster
Muskegon, MI
Phone: 231-557-5793 (Leave a message, I will call you back.)
Comments: I Will Remove Exposed Honey Bee Swarms In And Around Muskegon County.
Muskegon, MI

Phone: 231-740-3442
Email: tropicalgirlie@reagan.com
Website: littleparadiseslice.blogspot.com
Honeybee swarm removal anywhere in Muskegon County, no charge. $10 fee if swarm is determined to NOT be honeybees. Call or text anytime, with prompt response guaranteed.
Chuck Carter
Newaygo, MI

Phone: 616-581-5045
Email: chuckcarter1027@gmail.com
Swarm Removal. Some cut-out removal. Newaygo and surrounding counties.
Don Town
Niles, MI
From Granger, IN
Phone: 574-679-9397
Email: bgnss@sbcglobal.net
Website: donsbees.com
Comments: Swarm removal, extractions, setting up catch boxes, and information. Can travel about one hour out from South Bend area.
Sergey Masharin
Oak Park, MI

Phone: 248-417-7142
Email: sergey.masharin@aol.com
Bee swarm removal. Will remove HONEY BEE SWARM from your property for FREE if it is easy to access, if it is difficult to remove, I might charge a small fee. If you contact me please leave me some info about the whereabouts of the swarm (eg. 11 feet up in a tree in the backyard). I do not remove wasps.
John Schelling
Osseo, MI
Phone (home): 517-254-4881
Phone (cell): 517-425-9344
Comments: Will do swarm removal in Branch, Hillsdale and Lenawee counties in MI. Williams county in NW Ohio. Stuben county in NE Indiana.
Daniel Quince
Ottawa County, MI

Phone: 616-834-1287
Comments: Bee and/or bee-swarm removal for a fee. Cover Ottawa, Allegan, Kent.
Roy Coates
Oxford, MI

Phone: 248-840-4611
Email: roycoates63@gmail.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-and-a-Dad-at-Work/343504185737912
Free honey bee swarm removal. Honey Bee Cut outs provided at nominal fee.
John Kustra
Plymouth Township, MI
Phone: 734-233-5374
Email: johnkustra@hotmail.com
Comments: Honey bee removal only. Will remove bees from structures, trees, bushes etc.
Sharon Kosma
Port Austin, MI
Phone: 989-553-3217
Email: skosma3217@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal
Tim Pearson
Quincy, MI

Phone: 517-617-3092
Email: Tpearsonplumbing@yahoo.com
We offer complete honey bee colony removal and swarm capture. In Southern Mi and Northern IN.
Ross Karasiewicz
Rockford, MI

Phone: 616-863-9286
Email: ross@karaconhomes.com
Free removal of honeybee swarms and hives within a 30 mile radius of Rockford. Minimal charge after 30. Calls returned within minutes! Fast, friendly service. I can repair damage caused by removal of bees and hives from structures. Licensed and insured. Builder. Karasiewicz construction, Inc.
Royal Oak, MI
Phone: 469-619-7578
Email: beeremovalisha@gmail.com
Comments: Have a business that does live captures and live removals only.
Brent Bean
J & B Honey
Sawyer, MI
Phone: 269-426-9219
Email: jb01honey@wildblue.net
Comments: Serving Berrien county. Swarms only.
Steven Ravanelli
Skandia, MI

Phone: 906-942-7638 or 906-869-1180
Email: RAVMANDO@aol.com
honey bee and swarm removal
Jordan Mowbray
Standish, MI

Phone (home): 989-846-0211
Phone (cell): 989-326-1379
Website: www.mowbrayhoneyfarm.com
Email: mowbrayhoneyfarm@yahoo.com
Comments: Serving: Arenac County and Northern Bay County Michigan Help save the honeybees I will come and remove any bee swarms that are outside on objects that are 10 feet off the ground. After 10 feet I will charge $5 per foot higher that the bees are over 10 feet. I will not take your bees if you have already sprayed them. I will come and give your bees a good home but first will you absolutely be positive that they are honeybees and not hornets or wasp. To look at the difference please go to my website and view the pictures and look at the differences. I will remove your honeybee swarms for free!!
Chris Harvey
Northern Michigan Bee Removal Service
Traverse City, MI
Phone: 231-534-4736
Comments: My company  will capture swarms and also remove bees and their nests from buildings, etc. We serve Grand Traverse county and the surrounding area.
Greg Willis
Vicksburg, MI

Phone: 269-760-9979
Email: willis.willis3@gmail.com
Free honey bee swarm removal from Kalamazoo county and close surrounding areas. Honey bee removal from buildings is also available. (Trap out)
Amber Snyder
Zeeland, MI

Phone: 616-748-2998
Email: queenofzeeland@yahoo.com
Swarm capture/removal
Tim Marr
Zeeland, MI
Phone: 616-836-9640
Email: timmarr16@hotmail.com
Comments: Free honey bee swarm/hive removal from surrounding areas. Honey bee removal from buildings is also available. (Trap out)