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Brian Vandersall
Akron, OH

Phone: 330-628-0127
Email: bvandersall@neo.rr.com
Will remove swarms and feral colonies from buildings at no charge in the Akron/ Canton area. 6 Years experienced crew.
Akron, OH
Phone: 330-357-9185
Email: eayeary@yahoo.com
Comments: We remove swarms of honeybees from easy-to-access locations within 40 minutes of Akron, Ohio for free.
Keith Vogelsang
Amelia, OH

Phone: 513-910-9976 or 513-553-1308
Email: keith@whrv.com
Will do cut outs and removals from residential structures and out buildings also swarm removal in the Cincinnati area. Bees are captured alive and unharmed. We save all honey bees. I am insured. We can identify the type of bee. Yellow jackets can be treated very reasonably so that hive removal is not necessary.
Mickie Hahn
Amelia, OH

Phone: 513-356-9891
Email: mickieslogart@gmail.com
professional hive and honey bee removal from homes and out bldgs. experianced and insured in doing cutouts and repairs in the cin and northern ky area. all bees removed alive and unharmed and work with local beekeepers for placement of your bees.member of southwestern oh beekeepers association
Glenn Magrum
Ashland, OH

Phone: 419-289-6701
Email: magrum@bright.net
Web: http://www.ebeehoney.com/swarmremovalmap.html
Comments: Remove swarms from Ashland OH area including Ashland, Richland and Wayne counties.
Jonathan Young
Athens, OH
Phone: 740-509-8498
Email: youngjw@hotmail.com
Comments: I will remove honeybee swarms free of charge within Athens County. Surrounding counties will be considered, there may be a small fee depending on the location and difficulty of removal.
Baltimore, OH

Phone: 614-208-3972
Email: kristihuskey@gmail.com
Will come for honeybee swarms in Eastern to southeastern Franklin County, all of Fairfield County, southwestern Licking County and western Perry County. Will not do cut-outs, removal from walls or buildings, or very tall trees. Will not do wasps, hornets, etc.
Darren Leach
Barnesville, OH

Phone: 740-425-2683
Email: darrenleach@comcast.net
Will remove swarms for free and will consider cutouts for a fee in southeastern ohio.
Ralph Begley
Blue Creek, OH

Phone: 937-544-7614
Email: duallydriver97@gmail.com
Honeybee swarm removal including removal from houses and other buildings as well as trees. Serving Adams, Brown, Highland, Pike and Scioto counties in Ohio.
Frank “Mike” Soboleski
Bowling Green, OH
Phone: 419-494-2226
Email: SoBeeHoney@gmail.com
Website: www.sobeehoney.com
Comments: We remove honeybees in Wood County and surrounding areas. Bees will be taken to one of our yards where they can continue to thrive. The estimate for removal will vary based on location, size of hive, and any work that is required to remove the hive. Please phone Mike with your questions or for an estimate.
Ken Rice
Butler County, OH

Phone: 513-939-7091
Email: przhmido@yahoo.com
Free honeybee swarm removal. Cutouts are priced after inspection.
Kayla Davis
Celina, OH
Phone: 330-606-7510
Email: davis.3490@osu.edu
Comments: I’m a hobby bee keeper looking to increase my hive numbers. Mercer county and surrounding counties.
Carlisle, OH

Phone: 937-756-1670
Email: scott.boschert@gmail.com
Will do honeybee swarm removals in Warren county and surrounding areas. Free estimates for cutouts of bees in walls. Bees will be taken to one my yards where they can continue to thrive.
Reed Carper
Centerburg, OH

Phone: 740-625-5743
Email: rcarper@ezlinknet.com
Free swarm removal within 20 miles in most cases. Some cutouts as well .$20 fee to evaluate cutout.or over 20 mile to removal site to cover gas and time
Liz Tilton
Cincinnati, OH

Phone: 513-675-9897
Email: metilton@gmail.com
I love working with honeybees. If you need me to capture a swarm, or if there are bees living in your house or in another structure that you’d like removed alive, contact me. And if I can’t do it, I’ll bet I can find someone who can.
Mickie Hahn
Cincinnati, OH

Phone: 513-356-9891
Email: mickieslogart@gmail.com
Remove honey bees from residental and out bdgs alive and unharmed. Will do cut outs!! Also remove swarms
John Telek
Cincinnati, OH

Phone: 859-640-7453
Email: telekj@hotmail.com
Honey bee removal. Specializing in removals from structures(eaves, porch, etc…) Even if bee’s are in a tree or on fence, please contact me.
Jeff Phelps
Cincinnati, OH

Phone: 513-680-0061
Email: jefferypphelps@gmail.com
Website: www.completebeeremoval.com
Complete removal of all bees and their nest. My goal is to save all honey bees.
Wilson Rosebraugh
Cincinnati, OH

Phone: 513-205-1803
Email: wfrosebraugh@gmail.com
removal of honey bee swarms
Douglas Byrd
Cincinnati, OH

Phone: 513-444-0376
Email: Byrd_douglas@yahoo.com
I am a carpenter, electrician, and a bee keeper! This unique combination of skills makes me the perfect candidate for safe bee removal, as well as, restoration of your facility once the hive has been safely relocated.
Frank McAvinchey
Cincinnati, OH
Phone: 513-382-6895
Email: fmcavin@gmail.com
Comments: I can remove honeybee swarms from you property, unharmed. Also, if you or someone you know has honeybees in a building, I can take care of that for you, without hurting the colony. I will capture the bees, and relocate them to a new hive location. Tear-outs welcome. I can also do the repairs if needed.
Kevin Foister
Cincinnati, OH
Phone: 513-349-2471
Email: kevin@foisterbeeremoval.com
Website: Foisterbeeremoval.com
Comments: Removal of honeybees from anywhere organically. We relocate them to our apiaries where are bees are kept 100% naturally not even organic substances put in our hives with great success. Please look at our website Foister Bee Removal. Com
J @ R Apiaries
Cleveland, OH

Phone: 440-343-9540
Email: jr49rj@nls.net
Cleveland, OH
Phone: 216-246-0012
Comments: Will come for swarms in Eastern Cuyahoga County, Western Geauga County or Western Lake County. Will not do cut-outs, remove from walls/buildings, etc.
Rick Moranz
Cleveland, OH
Phone: 216-832-5635
Email: ricksbees@icloud.com
Comments: I remove swarms and colonies from homes and buildings for a fee. I do not kill honeybees — they are removed and relocated. Call for free estimate. I work throughout Cuyahoga and surrounding counties. Please feel free to call with questions.
Bud Hanes
Columbus, OH

Phone: 614-891-6485
Comments: Columbus Ohio, Central Ohio.
Tim Gifford
Columbus, OH

Phone: 614-562-7265
Comments: I will remove honey bees in the Columbus area.
Terry Eddy
Columbus, OH

Phone (cell): 614-562-4894
Comments: I Collect & Protect Honeybee Swarms. A Ladder and Equipment is always with me.
Chris Cree
Columbus, OH

Phone: 614-832-0047
Email: creesbees@yahoo.com
Free swarm removal in franklin county.
Susan Valentine-Cooper
Columbus, OH

Phone: 614-596-3600
Email: svc@nwcs.com
Free swarm removal. Safe, live honey bee removal from structures for a fee. Central Ohio – Franklin and surrounding counties.
Scott Newhouse
Columbus, OH
Phone: 614-296-5459
Email: snewhouse1960@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm capture and removal in the central Ohio area, generally south of Columbus Ohio including Grove City, Orient, Harrisburg, Darbydale, Lockbourne, etc.
Mike & Jody Jones
Columbus, OH
Phone: 614-581-4929
Email: croley.1@osu.edu
Website: http://ohio-beekeeping.com/
Comments: Free swarm removal. Central Ohio, Southern Delaware County, Columbus, Dublin, Worthington, Westerville, Hilliard, Grandview
Robert Dorsten
Dayton, OH

Phone: 937-623-6562
Email: robert@dorstencompany.com
: Swarm capture only to Montgomery, Miami, Greene, and Clark County
Stephen Hollen
Dayton, OH

Phone: 937-985-2337
Email: mountainstories@yahoo.com
Swarm removal in Greene, Montgomery, Warren, Clark Counties. I do not have the ability to do major demolition in homes to remove bees.
Brady Smith
Dayton, OH

Phone: 937-371-7816
Email: info@allprowildlifecontrol.com
Website: allprowildlifecontrol.com
Professional Honey Bee Removal in Southwest Ohio.
Clearly the Best Beez
Dayton, OH

Phone: 937-603-1832
Email: Ohiobeekeeper@hotmail.com
I am a building contractor and a commercial bee keeper…I have relocated over 300 hives from structures to date…I am insured and can do interior or exterior hive extractions…I will access the structure, remove the bees and their hive, treat the area against reinfestation, seal the area and return the structure back to its original condition
Amanda Egloff
Dayton, OH

Phone: 937-902-9637
Email: egloffamanda@gmail.com
I am available for swarm removal, honey bee hive extraction, consultation on beekeeping and mentoring. I have been keeping bees for 7 years and can provide prompt service within Montgomery County and neighboring areas.
Tom Bain
Delaware, OH

Phone: 614-312-7513
Email: bcgconsulting@insight.rr.com
We remove honey bee swarms and hive them in our apiary, no cost to you. We remove honey bee colonies from structures and other undesired locations for a fee based on distance and complexity. We serve central Ohio, Delaware County and surrounding counties.
Dan and Shelia Theisen
Delaware, OH
Phone: 740-363-2995
Email: theshelia@yahoo.com
Comments: Free swarm removal in Delaware County and surrounding areas.
Joe Schmidbauer
East Liverpool, OH
Phone: 330-383-1138
Email: cmcbeekeepers@comcast.net
Swarm Removal and cut-outs, in Columbiana County and surrounding areas.
Ken Rice
Fairfield, OH
Phone: 513-939-7091
Comments: (Southwest Ohio) Honey Bee swarm removal.
Casey Ostwinch
Findlay, OH
Phone: 419-957-4237
Comments: Swarm removal, free. Findlay, OH and surrounding areas.
Nick Hubbell
Findlay, OH

Phone: 419-420-9570
Email: nickhubbell@ameritech.net
Website: findlaybee.com
Free Swarm Removal in and around Findlay, Ohio.
Michael Jablonski
Forest, OH

Phone: 567-208-9594
Email: mikesbeesnhoney@aol.com
Website: www.mikesbeesandhoney.com
swarm removal and from structures. see website for costs and details
Jon Opperman
Fostoria, OH

Phone: 231-577-8510
Email: dragonjonjuan@yahoo.com
Swarm Removal in Fostoria Ohio area for free. Hive cut-outs from structures for a fee. I will keep feral hives if possible to remove brood nest intact.
Dan Williams
Frankfort, OH
Phone(s): 740-998-4380 or 740-703-3941
Comments: Ross County, Ohio and the surrounding counties. Will remove swarms for free. Will also remove any active hives for free in barns or other outbuildings as long as I don’t have to cut into walls or other parts of the structure. My payment for removing honeybees is the bees. I am a small hobby beekeeper that keeps bees for the fun of it. If no answer leave a message. I will get back to you ASAP.
Lloyd Free
Frankfort, OH

Phone: 740-703-6029
Email: freecowboy48@yahoo.com
1st. year in bee keeping. looking for hives and swarms. will remove free of charge local. thanks
Lisza Christine
Geauga County, OH

Phone: 216-215-5757
Email: bellmare@ohio.net
Public service swarm re-location in Geauga and Cuyahoga counties, LEGAL colony removal from exposed, structures and bee trees–dispersed at no cost to local bee keepers–County Apiary Inspector 7 years.
Douglas Gay
Germantown, OH

Phone: 937-416-1932
Email: tick1spoon@msn.com
swarm removal near germantown, oh.
Frank McAvinchey
Glendale, OH

Phone: 513-382-6895
Email: fmcavin@gmail.com
Capturing swarms of honeybees. Removal of honeybees from buildings.
Michael Duncan
Granville, OH
Phone: 740-404-6176
Comments: Licking County and Eastern Franklin County. I will take swarms and also remove bees from structures (inside walls, etc.)
JP Wiggins
Green, OH

Phone: 330-896-2959
Email: jpwiggo@yahoo.com
Free Swarm Removal. Akron/Canton Area Only
Roger Nikiforow
Greenwich, OH

Phone: 216-287-6693
Email: roger.nikiforow@yahoo.com
Will remove swarms for you for free.
Paul O’Neill
Hinckley, OH

Phone: 216-534-9600
Email: wvpx@aol.com
Website: www.weymouthfarms.com
I am a beekeeper who has various equipment including arial lifts to collect swarms and bees from all sorts of locations.
Ron Thompson
Hiram, OH

Phone: 330-288-7110
Email: rcthompson@firstenergycorp.com
I am a honey bee keeper who is available for swarm removal in the northeast Ohio area. I will remove swarms swiftly and respectfully to the bees and your property. Feel free to contact me at any time!
Ricky Bruckner
Hiram, OH

Phone: 330-221-6621
Email: ebruckner@windstream.net
Swarm removal only; I do not remove hives.
Wm Carl Foster
Hollansburg, OH

Phone: 937-417-5613
Email: fostere789@yahoo.com
swarm removal
Shawn Henry
Houston, OH

Phone: 937-658-4313
Email: sphenry@embarqmail.com
I Will remove bee swarms from property as long as nothing has to be taken apart by me.
Wade Humphreys
Jackson, OH

Phone: 740-286-2016
Email: wadehump@roadrunner.com
swarm removal and cutouts and trapouts with a fee
Dave Wright
Dave’s Bees
Jacobsburg, OH
Phone: 740-238-8183
Website: http://www.davesbees.com/rescue.html
Comments: Belmont County swarm removal.
Robert Durkin
Jamestown, OH

Phone: 937-486-2120
Email: robertdurkin@hotmail.com
Trapouts from tree hives.
Mike Albaugh
Johnstown, OH

Phone: 740-255-0211
Email: maabda@yahoo.com
I catch swarms and remove bees from just about anything.
Tom Burris
Kingsville, OH

Phone: 440-855-7556
Email: tom-burris@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/123954394405573/
Remove bees from most buildings and homes. Swarm removal.
Ed Morse
Kirtland, OH

Phone: 440-256-8324
Email: macmedic@att.net
Honey Bee Rescue. Remove Relocate Honey Bee Hives and swarms. NO TOXIC Materials. FROM:: Trees, Out buildings, old cars, bushes, other easily accessible areas. LOCATIONS: Western Lake County, Northern and western Geauga County; Eastern parts of Cuyahoga County. [NOTE: This is offered as a NUISANCE ABATEMENT. Any permissions of cities needed must be obtained by the owner] Removal from residential walls or attics are fee based and require written consent from owner / occupant. Licensed apiaries.
Roger Nikiforow
Lakewood, OH
Phone: 216-287-6693
I can remove swarms from Ashland, Richland and Lorain Counties for free.
Rich Stewart
Leesburg, OH

Phone: 937-728-0427
Email: beewildhoneyfarm72@gmail.com
Swarm removal in Clinton, Highland,and Fayette Counties. I SAVE all Honey bees and relocate to my apiary.
Brad Morrill-Cornelius
Lexington, OH

Phone: 859-523-8179
Email: sbmorrillcornelius@yahoo.com
Comments: Cincinnati. Emergency swarm removal and colony extraction.
Cyndi Niezer
Lexington, OH

Phone: 913-908-0817
Email: Cniezer@gmail.com
I love working with honey bees and would love to collect your swarm. If I can’t help I know people who will.
John McCabe
Liberty Center, OH

Phone: 419-966-3054
Email: cannonmccabe@gmail.com
Honeybee swarm removal
Honey Run Apiaries
Lima, OH
Phone: 419-371-1742
Comments: Allen County and the surrounding area.
John Schmiedebusch
Lima, OH

Phone: 567-204-7472
Email: flurrie2001@yahoo.com
bee removal
Robert Yost Jr
Louisville, OH

Phone: 330-687-5311
Email: baggins13@mail.com
I will remove any swarm at no cost to the customer. I will provide free estimates on any removal job from houses or outbuildings. I will take honeybees only no hornets or wasps. I will travel up to 40 miles from Louisville ohio. Services include; Removal of honeybees, comb, and honey, bee proofing the entrance to the hive and providing the best customer service I can provide.
Bill Jones
Loveland, OH

Phone: 513-315-6474
Email: isequen@aol.com
Website: http://www.lovelandhoney.com/beeremoval.htm
Comments: Greater Cincinnati area. Professional beehive removal from residential and commercial buildings.We are registered and insured contractors with many years of experience. We are beekeepers!
Justin Cheesman
Mansfield, OH

Phone: 419-989-8337
Comments: Will do swarms and removal from walls etc. Mansfield/Ashland and surrounding area’s.
Dave Williams
Mansfield, OH

Phone: 419-544-3110
Email: concrete513@embarqmail.com
Will do honeybee swarm removals in Richland county and surrounding areas. No wasp or hornets. I’m a hobby beekeeper and remove swarms for free.
Michael DeVaughn
Marietta, OH
Phone: 740-373-6396
Email: michael@indianrunapiary.com
Website: indianrunapiary.com
Comments: Swarm removal for Washington County Ohio and surrounding areas.
Tom Dailey
Marysville, OH

Phone: 614-726-6183
Email: swarm@ohioswarms.com
Website: http://www.ohioswarms.com
Comments: Swarm removal in Union and Surrounding counties.
High Mill Apiaries
Massillon, OH
Phone: 330-340-9370
Email: hma@sssnet.com
Swarm Removals, Akron / Canton Area, Summit & Stark Counties.
Adam Stearns
Medina, OH

Phone: 330-808-0294
Email: Adamstearns@adcalinc.com
Swarm Retrieval. Honey bee removal from structures and trees, in Medina and surrounding counties.
Nelsonville, OH

Phone: 740-707-2102 (call any time)
Comments: I would love to have a swarm of honeybees from the athens county, hocking county, perry county, washington county, meigs county area. i will come as soon as you call me. i will take bees from any where inside a structure or out side. i wont charge any thing.
Carriage House Farm
North Bend, OH
Phone: 513-967-1106
Email: rstewart@zoomtown.com
Comments: Greater Cincinnati Area. All swarm removal 20 feet off the ground or lower are free from April and July. Cut-outs 250.00 and includes inspection and prep.
Greg & Lorie Tygard
Norton, OH

Phone: 330-336-1401
Email: feralcat36@aol.com
We specialize in the removal of established honey bee colonies from structures. Estimate given following inspection. Free swarm removal May & June
Ron Baldridge
Ottawa, OH

Phone: 419-303-5334
Email: bovavet@gmail.com
Free swarm removal in Putnam and surrounding counties in Ohio. Will not remove established colonies from buildings
Chris & Kristal
Hillcrest Aparies
Pemberville, OH

Phone: 567-277-0437 or 419-575-4417
Email: Chaos16304@gmail.com
Free swarm removal we will also do some hive removals depending on circumstances.
Brian Gillman
Port Clinton, OH
Phone: 419-341-9775
Email: briang1@adelphia.net
Comments: I specialize in the removal of honey bee swarms and established honey bee colonies from structures. Estimate given on removal from inside structure after inspection. Estimate will vary based on location, size of hive and any work that needs done to remove the hive. Swarm removal May through June, $25 (only on swarms outside a structure). Swarm removal from outside a structure in July or after, $50 within a 10mile radius. Phone me with questions.
Alan Travers
Richfield, OH
Phone: 330-734-5296 or 330-659-3542
Email: atravers349@yahoo.com
Comments: I remove honeybee swarms, usually for free depending on distance. I do live honeybee removals from houses and buildings in Summit and neighboring counties.
Don Hays
Rogers, OH
Phone: 330-921-1012
Email: don@meandmyhoneyapiaries.com
Website: http://meandmyhoneyapiaries.com
Comments: Free hive and swarm removal in Columbiana County Ohio and surrounding areas.
Jason Chrisman
St. Louisville, OH

Phone: 740-745-2435
Email: honeycomb_hill@yahoo.com
Website: http://honeycomb-hill-beekeeping.blogspot.com/
I will remove swarm for free. I also do removals from structure I do charge for this service. I will travel to Mt. Vernon, Fredricktown, Newark, Heath, Hanover or anywhere else in this area. If you call and don’t get an answer leave a message and we will respond ASAP.
Dale Rothe
St. Marys, OH

Phone: 419-236-2805
Email: RESI@ohiolink.net
Swarm removals and cut outs of outbuildings. All bees are added to an existing apiary. Areas serviced are Auglaise. Allen, and Mercer counties.
Roger Myers
Myers Honey
Swanton, OH

Phone: 419-875-6399
Email: rogerjudymyers@msn.com
I do honeybee swarm removal in the Fulton County area.
Chris Yanik
Toledo, OH

Phone: 419-537-0085
Email: cyanik5311@yahoo.com
HONEY BEE swarm removal
David Veith
Toledo, OH

Phone (home): 419-389-4747
Phone (cell): 419-349-6401
Email: Veith@toast.net
Comments: I will collect swarms do cutouts and trap outs of established hives in houses and buildings. Call for a free estimate on what will need to be done and cost to rid you of your bee problem. Please no bees that have been sprayed. ONLY HONEY BEES> Please make sure they are bees and not wasps. We charge if they are wasp. $45.00 and up if they are wasp. Call for a free price quote on cutouts of established hives. Due to the time involved. I do ask for a donation for my time and gas for swarm removals.
Gary Perry
Union City, IN

Phone: 765-964-3783
Comments: Darke County Swarm removal. I’m right across the boarder in Randolph County Indiana.
Harvey Giffin
Utica, OH

Phone: 614-572-3253
Email: 4giffins@gmail.com
Call 614-572-3253 if you have a honey bee problem in the Johnstown, Utica, or Newark area.
Mark Gingerich
West Jefferson, OH

Phone: 614-546-6088
Email: mark@markgingerich.com
Removal of honey bee swarms and the removal of honey bees from structures in the central Ohio area.
Stacy Kent Harris
West Milton, OH

Phone: 1-937-212-0438
Email: skh396@hotmail.com
If you want a honey bee swarm or nest on your property removed alive call me anytime Thanks Stacy
Jim Feterle
West Salem, OH
Phone: 216-272-8483
Email: jim@nakaisurfacing.com
Comments: Swarm Removal & Cutouts
Brad Bergefurd
Bergefurd Farm
Wilmington, OH
Phone: 937-383-2133
Email: bergefurdsfarmmarket@yahoo.com
Comments: Swarm Removals. Cincinnati/ South West Ohio Area.
Tim Cassidy
Youngstown, OH

Phone: 330-540-3211
Email: TMCassidy@aol.com
Honey Bee removal – Swarms – Hives. Bees will be placed in our Community Garden or with Mahoning / Columbiana Beekeepers Association.
Daniel Longstreth
Zanesville, OH

Phone (cell): 740-258-3649
Phone (home): 740-297-4259
Email: dlongstr@cotc.edu
I will remove honeybee swarms free of charge. I will also do beehive removals within structures in a 40 mile radius of Zanesville, Ohio. This is fee based depending on the job. I also do trapping of honeybees, which is also fee based depending on the job.