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Ben Kazyaka
Abilene, TX

Phone: 325-201-8237
Email: irescuebees@gmail.com
Website: www.irescuebees.com
Comments: Live honey bee removal and relocation for following counties. Brown, callahan, coke, colman, concho, eastland, fisher, haskell, jones, kent, knox, nolan, runnels, scurry, shackellford, stephens, stonwall, taylor and thorkmorton.
Erik Kiehle
Abilene, TX

Phone: 325-320-7480
Email: erikkiehle@me.com
Swarms (no honeycomb), bees showed up usually within last 48 hours) will be collected for free or for gas money. Cutouts where there’s a hive with honeycomb will be quoted free. Often work at night to minimize flying bees (reduces chance for bystanders to get stung).
Daniel Barck
Abilene, TX
Phone: 972-746-6380 or 325-548-9295
Email: danielbarck@yahoo.com
Comments: Will remove swarms and established hives, free, within a 25 mile radius of Abilene, Texas. Will not do major cut-outs. All bees rescued will be relocated to a good home.
Tristan Rawlings
Abilene, TX
Phone: 325-242-5852
Email: 1998tmoneyrawlings@gmail.com
Comments: I will come get swarms or established hives of honeybees within a hour of Abilene or Sweetwater Tx. Free of charge but I would appreciate donations for gas money. I don’t do cutouts and will only come get them if they are easily accessible.
Jennifer Scott
Alvin, TX
Phone: 832-248-8313
Email: bwrangler1@att.net
Website: thebeewrangler.com
Comments: Bee relocation all over the Houston area- including putting the bees into your own hive too. I give ALL honey not needed by bees to the customer. I am very careful in opening the house with minimum damage- trained by a union carpenter for 12 yrs. in the carpentry & home construction field. Been relocating bees since Sept. 2007. I keep bees at Gundermann & Nawara Farms & 2 other out apiaries. I also have over 100 colonies at my home apiary in Alvin. Honey from my hives is sold to Zelko Bistro & Pat Greer’s kitchen. My son John Gautreau is also a permit holding bee relocation expert & works on weekends and in the summer while not in Alvin high school. We use NO chemical treatments or pesticides in our hives. We do bee trees too- along with a certified arborist.
Amarillo, TX

Phone: 806-576-8520
Email: gary.woodall@yahoo.com
I like to pick up swarms within 25 miles around Amarillo. Not interested in doing cutouts.
Don Carroll
Amarillo, TX
Phone: 806-674-4322
Email: doncarroll@suddenlink.net
Comments: Collect swarms and do cutouts around Amarillo. Do not call me to kill your bees
Nate Henderson
Amarillo, TX
Phone: 806-674-3163
Email: nater137@hotmail.com
Comments: I do swarm removal and cut-outs. If bees have been sprayed with poison, please do not call.
Mack Casey
Angleton, TX
Phone: 979-848-6533
Email: mack.casey@att.net
Comments: Honey Bee Removal. Bee Swarms and Established Hives. Brazoria and Surrounding Counties
Brandon Fehrenkamp
Austin, TX

Phone: 512-569-6270
Email: austinbeekeeper@gmail.com
Website: www.austinbees.com
I do established hive removals, swarm retrieval, and trap-outs. I have worked from Llano to San Antonio and Blanco to Elgin. I only do live removals. Call anytime; I’m always willing to help and to answer questions.
Wesley Schumacher
Austin, TX

Phone: 512-762-3003
Email: mudmallet@hotmail.com
Susan Darcy
Austin, TX

Phone: 512-288-3926
Email: beekeeper.bees@gmail.com
We rescue and remove honeybees in and around the Austin, TX. area.
ATX Bee Removal LLC
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-850-3589
Email: Beeman@atxbeeremoval.com
Website: www.HoneybeeRemovalATX.com
Comments: We Relocate all bees to out rescue apiary in Manchaca Texas. We carefully cut out the hive and use a special designed vacuum and other techniques to remove the bee with no harm. We then scrap all the wax and clean the area to prevent any rodent or further bee problems. We can patch it and paint it or any repairs. Extended warranties are available for up to 5 years. We are insured.
Lydia and Kevin Kendall
Austin, TX

Phone: 512-308-8351
Email: lydiaandkevin@yahoo.com
Comments: Beehive or swarm removal from structures, trees, or exterior surfaces. We do not harm the bees – we capture and relocate them. Austin-Bastrop-Paige
Keith Huddle
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-589-9658
Email: kdhuddle@gmail.com
Website: austinlivebeeremoval.com
Comments: I provide live bee removal from structures and homes of all kinds. I have construction experience and can remove the hive without damaging your property. I relocate hives to Spicewood TX where we use vineyard and orchard properties. I can always answer all of your questions and I answer my phone at all hours.
Jim Guy
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-689-5208
Email: austinbeeguy@yahoo.com
Comments: I am a beekeeper and perform honey bee colony and swarm removals in the Austin TX and surrounding area. Fees are dependant on the job and distance traveled. Live removals whenever possible.
Daniel Schmalz
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-658-3039
Email: daniel.schmalz@gmail.com
Comments: Bee rescue services. Please do not spray bees, they do not want to sting you, they die when they do. Call us to come take them away so you can go about your day! Servicing Austin, Bastrop, Elgin and all points between.
Central Texas Bee Rescue
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-914-0123
Email: info@ahbpa.org
Website: ahbpa.org
Comments: We provide no-kill removals and relocations of bees all over Texas – including Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.
Chuck Reburn
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-560-5575
Email: chuckreburn@austin.rr.com
Website: www.beefriendlyaustin.com
Comments: Swarm Removal, Live Capture and Relocation. A beekeeper with a registered apiary.
Scotty Victor
Austin, TX
Phone: 214-912-8089 or 512-213-2261
Email: hello@hellohoney.be
Comments: Dallas and Austin area. Free removal of swarms. Hives located inside structures will quote. Will not spray the bees. I am a beekeeper — not pest control.
Jeremiah Moore
Austin County, TX

Phone: 979-398-1162
Email: mooreart@hotmail.com
I will do swarm removal and simple cut outs in Austin County and surrounding counties. If you have bee swarms regularly I can set traps too.
Neal Watkins
Azle, TX
Phone: 817-444-1817
Email: RNWdlw@aol.com
Comments: swarm removal and cutouts
Angel Lara
Azle, TX
Phone: 817-991-9332
Email: jalara24@gmail.com
Comments: FREE Swarm and hive removal. Colonies are rescued and relocated to a new home. Donations for gas and time appreciated.
Joe Tillery
Baytown, TX

Phone: 282-422-9879
Email: joerex99@gmail.com
Swarm Removal. No Cutouts unless they are very simple. I am not a carpenter. I do not kill bees.
Darrell Marchand
Beaumont, TX

Phone: 409-722-1899
Email: danj81@netscape.net
I specialize in all types of honey bee removal services, including swarm captures and hive removals from structures. WE RESCUE BEES! If I cant make it I can put you in contact with someone closer that can I belong to a bee club that is 40 members Strong and growing we service (Jefferson)(Orange)(Hardin)(Jasper)(Newton) Counties.
James Wood
Beaumont, TX
Phone: 409-926-8603
Email: cowboyzway@aol.com
Comments: Free Honey Bee removal and relocation.
Ron Lane
Beaumont, TX
Phone: 409-880-5725
Email: good2blane@yahoo.com
Comments: Free Honey Bee Removal and Relocation in the Golden Triangle.
Brian and Tammy Muldrow
Beaumont, TX
Phone: 713-377-0356
Email: muldrowbeefarm@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/bt.muldrow?fref=ts
Comments: We offer recovery service at no charge. We are happy to serve the local Golden Triangle with most types of removals. We have combined experience of over 40 years Bee Keeping and Removals. Locally, we have been working bees and serving the Golden Triangle for 5 years. We are happy to provide several avenues for any and all types of interest in bee keeping. Please call us if you need assistance!! We have a local bee group, please find us on Facebook at SETX Local BeeKeepers.
Christopher Lane
Beaumont, TX
Phone: 409-781-9532
Email: Christopher.lane0127@gmail.com
Comments: A one stop shop for any bee removal needs. I provide the bee removal service as well as any needed repairs and clean up.
Stacey Wright
Borger, TX

Phone: 806-231-9423
Email: teach.swright@sbcglobal.net
Would love to take bees off your hands. I live around Amarillo in Borger.
Donovan Johns
Boyd, TX
Phone: 817-939-3249
Email: Hlins@earthlink.net
Comments: Removal of swarms in trees not more than fifteen feet off ground. Currently registered with Texas Apiary Inspection Services in most counties touching Wise counties. Will help to remove from buildings depending on situation. Please do not call me if you want to me to kill the honey bees for i will be offended.
Chris Barnes
Bryan, TX
Phone: 979-220-0004
Email: chris@txbarnes.com
Comments: Swarm removal (no honeycomb) for free if within 10 miles; otherwise cost is $.50/mile I have to travel. Building extractions (cutouts) will require an inspection to get an estimate for the amount of work involved to remove the bees and honeycomb. No Kill Policy.
Tracey LaForge
Bryan, TX
Phone: 979-739-0945
Email: tracey128@gmail.com
Comments: Howdy! My name is Tracey LaForge and I will remove and rescue honey bees. I am registered with Texas Apiary inspection Service and hold a bee removal permit. I will remove and bring home the bees to grow and thrive.If you would like to keep and hive the bees I can help with that too! I keep swarm traps and bait hives ready to be installed. I have pure, raw honey for sale each year as well.
Darrin Hill
Bryan, TX
Phone: 979-778-0698 or 979-229-7311
Phone (home): 979-778-0698
Email: darrinhill@suddenlink.net
Comments: I remove swarms and beehives from houses/buildings.
Jeffrey Todd
Buda, TX

Phone: 512-586-7545
Email: jtodd19@austin.rr.com
Comments: I am willing to do bee removals in the general Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos, and Buda area. Fees naturally depend on the job. I have very flexible hours. Thanks.
Carl Miller
Canton, TX
Phone: 903-388-1294\
Email: carlmillerapiaries@gmail.com
Comments: Will safely remove honey bees anywhere in Texas from almost anything.
Gene Weitzel
Cleveland, TX
Phone: 281-593-5067
Email: houmew@pipeline.com
Comments: I will pickup swarms and do bee removals (fees will vary) mainly in and around the NE Houston, TX area. Will travel a little further on a case by case basis.
John Cox
Clyde, TX
Phone: 325-320-9701
Email: johco29512@gmail.com
Comments: Bee removal in Callahan, Taylor, Jones, Eastland, Coleman, Brown, and Shackelford counties. Please leave a message if no answer.
David Fernandes
Coldspring, TX
Phone: 281-622-5791
Email: medicone@eastex.net
Comments: I will do bee recovery and removal at no charge to you and I will find a home for the Honey bee’s. I live in Coldspring Texas just minutes from Lake Livingston, Cleveland Tx, Willis and New Waverly.
Mason Grimes
College Station, TX
Phone: 979-255-0003
Email: masongrimes@yahoo.com
Comments: Honeybee removal, emergency response, and education.
Texas Bee Wrangles
Commerce, TX
Phone: 903-413-2593
Email: clayrlyons@hotmail.com
Comments: Inexpensive Bee removal service in Hunt and surrounding counties.
Conroe, TX
Phone: 936-537-7126
Email: kevin@beerustler.com
Website: http://www.beerustler.com/
Comments: Live bee removal. All work is Guaranteed. Serving, Houston, Conroe, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Kingwood, Huntsville and surrounding area. We remove swarms and unwanted colonies of bees from commercial and residential buildings. I have a background in construction and remodeling. The structure is taken apart carefully. The bees are removed alive, as well as the comb, honey and brood. Then we put the building back together. Pricing depends upon mileage and the location of the bees in, or on the building.
Kenny Rocka
Conroe, TX
Phone: 832-656-0336
Email: rocka@beesweetfarms.com
Website: www.beesweetfarms.com
Comments: Honey Bee removal
Carlos Madruga
Conroe, TX
Phone: 936-523-0135
Email: madrugacarlos@hotmail.com
Comments: Will remove swarms or established colonies. Have 32 years construction experience. Can remove bees, not kill, comb,brood and clean the cavity out and make it bee proof. Work is guaranteed. The price I quote will also include putting the house back together.
Jim Davis
Conroe, TX
Phone: 844-323-3489
Email: 3BeeGuys@gmail.com
Website: 3BeeGuys.com
Comments: Hi there, I’m Jim Davis with 3BeeGuys. We specialize in the LIVE Removal and Relocation of Honey Bees! Call us to relocate a swarm or to extract bees from any structure. We are insured and permitted in the State of Texas. We serve Houston and surrounding areas including: The Woodlands, Conroe, Willis, Tomball, Montgomery, Spring, Magnolia, Huntsville, Cleveland, Humble, New Caney, Baytown, Atascocita, Grangerland, Katy, and Kingwood.
Search 3BeeGuys on Youtube
Michael Zambrano
Copperas Cove, TX

Phone: 254-368-9880
Email: mzambrano3@hot.rr.com
Website: www.zshoneybees.com
Bee removal, Swarm removal we save the bees we do not kill the bees
Michael Leidner
Corpus Christi, TX

Phone: 956-369-6451
Email: mikeleidner@gmail.com
 Live honey bee removal!! I perform cut-outs and swarm removals in the Nueces, Jim Wells, Duval, Kleberg, Live Oak, and San Patricio County area. Please email for availability.
Adam C Golden
Corpus Christi, TX
Phone: 361-850-3146
Email: rev.adamcgolden@gmail.com
Comments: Registered and Permitted by the Texas Apiary Inspection Service. Your legal Bee Removal Service for Nueces and surrounding counties.
Dennis Gray
Corpus Christi, TX
Phone: 361-877-2440
Email: fourdegreesc@gmail.com
Comments: Flat rate structural removals. Free Swarm Collection. Water Meter and similar special rate.
Michael Flowers Jr
Corsicana, TX

Phone: 903-229-3603
Email: michaelsflowersjr@yahoo.com
Bee cut outs, removals of old hives, swarm capturing
Anthony Samilo
Crosby, TX
Phone: 832-378-0983 or 832-312-8541
Email: michaela.holland88@yahoo.com
Comments: I will come out and look at the job for a service call price and let you know the price of the removal. I also do repair work after the removal at an additional price if needed. Please call me anytime if you feel I can help you with your honey bee problem!
Cypress, TX
Phone: 682-333-7448
Email: courtnieridgway@gmail.com
Comments: All of Houston area. Bee extraction and relocation. Honey comb and honey removal. Repair damage caused by bees.
Home & Hive
Dallas, TX
Phone: 972-529-8868
Email: info@homeandhive.com
Website: www.homeandhive.com
Comments: Home & Hive specializes in live honeybee colony and swarm removal from homes, businesses, trees, fences and other structures. It is our goal to make live honey bee removal affordable for residential and commercial customers, and to ensure outstanding customer service.
Real Honey llc
Dallas, TX
Phone: 972-632-7998
Email: kyle@realhoney.net
Website: realhoney.net
Comments: We provide swarm and established hive removal and can beat the price of any game in town.  We service the full DFW metroplex and work with you discussing all options up front so there are no surprises. We relocate the bees to our apiary where they are added to our current colonies.  Absolutely guarantee our work to be 100% satisfactory.  Again we work with you discussing all the necessary steps and costs up front!
Mack & Peggy Casey
Danbury, TX

Phone: 979-848-6533 or 979-482-2529
Email: peggyjcasey@gmail.com
Live Honey Bee removal, Bee Swarms and Established Hives. Brazoria and surrounding counties.
John Tucker
Dayton, TX
Phone: 936-641-2704
Email: jtucker@samsonco.com
Comments: I do swarm captures for free within 30 miles of Dayton and will do cut outs at a price agreed upon by both parties. My services will yield minimal damage and I recommend a great guy that can fix anything I cannot. I also give salvageable honey to the land owner. I am very flexible and can come quickly in most cases!! I look forward to helping you in your honey bee needs!
Roddy Dodson
Decatur, TX

Phone: 940-393-5621
Email: roddydodson@gmail.com
I offer free swarm removal and will do cut-outs for a nominal fee early spring is the best time to do cut-outs as the bees have time to recover before winter, after it gets 104 temp. i dont have any luck catching them i guess they are to active and i am to slow,would love to come catch your bees today, have a blessed day and see ya
Jim Jones
Denison/Sherman, TX

Phone: 903-647-0262
Email: jim@texomawhips.com
Website: www.texomawhips.com
I don’t do cutouts, but if you have a swarm that needs to be removed, give me a call.
Charles Adams
Denison/Sherman, TX
Phone: 903-436-6174
Email: cadams4649@yahoo.com
Comments: We do swarm removals plus cutouts. I cover from Gainesville to Commerce,Durant OKLA to Mc Kinney Texas. Prices based on difficulty of removals. Swarms are Free.
Bob Tortajada
Denton, TX

Phone: 940-482-8470
Email: tr@heleads.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm capture in Denton County and surrounding areas. Simple swarm removals are often free. I do not do invasive removals from structures, but can do non-invasive removals catching bees when the leave.
Bill Hartley
Denton, TX

Phone: 940-566-0474
Email: williamsupten@msn.com
Swarm removal, Structural removal, All live, Denton county.
Shawn Gregory
Denton, TX
Phone: 409-291-6863
Email: shawngregory@my.unt.edu
Comments: free Swarm removal only
Luis Slayton
Donna, TX

Phone: 956-647-2864
Email: beestronghoney@aol.com
Website: www.beestronghoney.com
Complete hive removal from any structure, can offer complete rebuild after removal. Lowest prices in the Valley. Mcallen, Weslaco, Rio Grande Valley, TX
Jim Hogg
Dripping Springs, TX

Phone: 512/228-0022
Email: info@daddysbees.com
Website: www.daddysbees.com
I specialize in all types of honey bee removal services. This includes swarming bee capture and retrieval, hive removal and relocation, and extractions or “cut-outs”. SAVE THE BEES!!!
William Kazyaka
Eastland, TX
Phone: 325-201-8237
Email: kazyakacleaning@gmail.com
Website: www.kazyaka.com
Comments: live honey bee removal by exp beekeeper. Swarms and cutouts. Lic and insured. Serving city of eastland and eastland cty.
Jimmy Jack Lawrence
Edcouch, TX
Phone: 956-998-8452
Email: Jimmyl@Theironbee.com
Website: www.facebook.com/Theironbee
Comments: We offer the general public a safe, affordable alternative to dealing with feral honey Bee Infestations . Do Not Call An Exterminator!!! Call The Iron Bee! We Will Remove the Bees and Relocate them in a safe and professional manner! Africanized Bees are our Specialty! We Don’t Discriminate! 1 Year Warranty on all Bee Removal Services!
Michael Thorn
Electra, TX
Phone: 940-704-4641
Email: thornsbeeservice@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm & Hive Removals. Minimum charge is $75.00 + travel surcharge. Counties in Texas; Wichita, Wilbarger, Clay, Archer, Young & Jack. All removals are attempts to save the bees and add them to my Apiary.
Aurelio Paez
El Paso, TX
Phone: 915-603-7499
Email: aureliopaez@yahoo.com
Bee swarms and hive removal. El Paso Texas / Las Cruces area. Most services are for free.
Bill Towery
Flint, TX
Phone: 903-520-9918
Email: billto48@yahoo.com
Comments: Swarm and hive removals. We do not do not do any building repairs. Please do not kill the bees.
Bob Fromme
Floresville, TX

Phone: 830-3934176
Email: bob_fromme@fromme-usa.net
Website: www.fromme-usa.net
Honeybee removal and relocation.
Nea Watkins
Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 817-444-1817
Email: rnwdlw@aol.com
Live swarm removal- live bee removal from walls, trees ,live cutouts from walls
The Bee Charmer, Christine Garcia
Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 817-320-0841
Email: cmghoneybee@yahoo.com
Website: www.beecharmer.org
Live Honey Bee and Swarm Removal for North Central Texas which includes Fort Worth and Dallas. We are Bee Keepers and Bee Removal Specialists. We are State Licensed and Board Certified.
Cody Whelchel
Fort Worth, TX
Phone: 817-524-9391
Email: codywhelchel@yahoo.com
Website: Codylandscape.com
Comments: Swarm removal, Bee removal from walls, Cut outs of any kind, Bee trees and full tree removal.
Mason Grimes
Franklin, TX

Phone: 979-255-0003
Email: masongrimes@yahoo.com
Live bee removal in Brazos, Burleson, Falls, Freestone, Grimes, Leon, Limestone, Madison, Milam, and Robertson Counties. I remove the honey bees, the brood, the comb, and the honey and put them all back together in a regular wooden bee hive and place them on my property in Robertson Co. I charge by the job and guarantee my work.
Parker Jones
Gainesville, TX
Phone: 940-736-8015
Email: ecoguy1999@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm and hive removal
John Travis
Georgtown, TX
Phone: 512-815-7203
Email: jtravis@tstar.net
Website: beeremovalaustin.org
Comments: I do live bee removals and relocate the bees to a new location
Tom Green
Granbury, TX
Phone: 817-683-45153
Email: tom@good2beenatural.com
Website: good2beenatural.com
Comments: Bee Removal & Fostering
Greenville, TX
Phone: 903-457-6656 (days)
Phone: 903-268-3029 (evenings)
Email: ross@myoldtools.com
Comments: I do bee removals and swarm calls in East Texas, in the areas surrounding Greenville and Hunt County. Fees vary. If you are a licensed pest control person, I abide by Texas law.
Jack Isbell
Harker Heights, TX
Phone: 254-526-9173
Email: jvisbell@embarqmail.com
Comments: No Charge for removing bees. I remove bees from your property and provide them with a new location. No charge for me coming to the swarm location or collecting the bees. I serve the Greater Ft. Hood area including Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove and surrounding area. If call and no answer please leave a message and I will return your call.
Paul Clark
Harlingen, TX

Phone: 956-878-3151
Email: Pacbishop@aol.com
I remove bees and provide them a good home where they are productive. I will remove from between walls etc. Fees are dependent on the circumstances. Contact me to discuss your situation. Generally I work within the Rio Grande Valley
John Thomas
Haslet, TX

Phone: 817-229-8611
Email: john@blacklandprairiehoney.com
Website: http://www.blacklandprairiehoney.com/
We will pick up swarms occuring no higher than 12ft off the ground. We will collect hives located in water cut-off boxes, well houses, and some outdoor structures (ones without electric or plumbing.) Please call us to see if we can help you out. May charge small fee to help offset travel costs.
Clint Thomas
Henderson, TX

Phone: 903-722-1849
Email: beemaneasttx@yahoo.com
Comments: professional removal of bees in any structure. Live removal is the only way. we save the bees.
Bea Wallace
Henderson, TX
Phone: 903-889-2517 or 903-722-4680
Email: beeabuzz@yahoo.com
Comments: We try to remove honey bees out of most structures. WE DO NOT REMOVE FROM TREES UNLESS THEY ARE ALREADY DOWN, We work in the East Texas Area and give free estimates.
Mark Lockhart
Houston, TX

Phone: 832-541-9623
Email: katybusybee@yahoo.com
 Swarm removal: $100 within 30 miles of Katy. Beehive cutout: relocation of hive, clean out all honey and wax, beeproof the cavity, $300 and up depending on location of hive, drive time and size of the hive. One year warranty, one free visit if they come back within one year to the same location. Repair services also available. Licensed/permitted by Texas Apiary Inspection Service. Registered beekeeper with the state of Texas. Free phone quotes.
Tom Brueggen
Houston, TX

Phone: 636-345-0997
Email: tdbrueggen@gmail.com
I primarily service NE Harris county and the Greater Houston Area. I do all LIVE removals, with no chemicals and no poisons. I prefer not to do the repairs but can on occasion for an extra cost. I advise leaving the cavity open for a few days to make sure any residual bees have dissipated before closing up the structure. I take great caution to carefully open the structure and the same materials can usually be used to put it back together. My base cost for structural removal is $350.On a ladder above 8’ I charge an additional $25, and another $25/floor above (so second story soffit would be extra $50). For excessive height beyond second story, like a vaulted eave, I may recommend renting scaffolds for safety and I pass that rental ticket on to the client. Over 25 miles from Kingwood, TX I charge for travel/mileage and that’s based on travel time of $50/hr, so for example, 50 miles away would cost you about $50. Costs are negotiable in extenuating circumstances. In some cases I can go below my base cost if the logistics work out. I also do swarm captures. I ask $50 to cover my time (I have kids to play with if not chasing bees!) and due to the urgent nature of swarms it depends on my availability. I am licensed/permitted with the state of Texas (Texas Apiary Inspection Service) to do live bee removals and transport the bees intrastate. I carry liability insurance for my protection and yours! I am a registered beekeeper with the state of Texas.
Steven Brackmann
Houston, TX

Phone: 832-887-6141
Email: stevenbrackmann@yahoo.com
Free swarm removal, extraction from structures estimated. bees r relocated to my bee yard. Im a general contractor with years of experience in removal of honeybees. Regestered by Texas A&M agriculture Apiary Inspection Office. Hold a permit for all surrounding counties of Houston.
Tracy Mathews
Houston, TX

Phone: 832-277-1866
Email: tracy@mathewselectrical.com
Swarm removal. We do not remove existing colonies from inside a home.
Darren Riggle
Houston, TX
Phone: 281-226-6338 or 281-799-5468
Phone (home): 281-954-6262
Email: dlriggle@att.net
Comments: Free swarm inspection and estimate for removal. Minimal disturbance of building or structure. Servicing locations in southern Harris county, Brazoria County, or Galveston County.
Delpa Bee Removal
Houston, TX
Phone: 832-829-4439
Email: houston@beeremovalus.com
Website: www.beeremovalus.com
Comments: DELPA experts provide pest control (Honey bee control, bee removal, hive removal, swarm removal): DELPA Experts Remove bees and relocates them to our Beekeeper Place in Brazoria, Texas, where they pollinate crops and produce honey. We provide the best pest control in Houston Texas for bee control, we do not expose our customers or our bees to poisons or pesticides.
Houston, TX
Phone: 281-303-5805
Email: josephdavidelam@gmail.com
Website: thebeeremovalguy.com
Comments: We remove bees from anywhere on your Property. We have fast professional service give us a call anytime we have senior and military discounts.
Courtnie Smith
Houston, TX
Phone: 682-333-7448
Email: courtnieridgway@gmail.com
Comments: We offer premium service at affordable rates. Our bees are safely eradicated an relocated to a bee keeper local to you, or to our preferred keeper (client’s choice). We will make precise cut-outs to remove all bees and their hive. We will treat the area, make replacements if materials are damaged, repair and seal the treated area. Our removals come with FREE estimates and a full year warranty. Honey bees will not be exterminated; they are a crucial part of the environment and we take every precaution to save them all and relocate them to an environment where they can thrive without endangering your family, clients, or pets.
Ryan O’Farrell
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-828-8934
Email: ryanofarrell@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/DiscountBeeRemoval
Comments: I specialize in the complete removal and relocation of honey bees and their hives at affordable prices. I also removal hornet and wasp nests. Prices depend upon location and ease of access to the hive/nest. Please call, text, or email me anytime for a free quote or just to get some advice. I’d love to help.
D.D. Allen
Houston, TX
Phone: 281-415-3415
Email: cypresshoney@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Bee and Swarm Removal in Cypress, Texas and the Northwest Houston area. I am a hobby beekeeper and will relocate the bees without harming them to one of my hives.
Mark Belcher
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-898-8545
Email: texanbelchers@comcast.net
Comments: Honey bee swarm capture and bee removal and relocation. Primarily Southwest Houston, TX. Please text or email pictures.
Michael Chatterton
Houston, TX
Phone: 1-832-630-7665
Email: houstonbeeremoval@gmail.com
Website: www.HoustonBeeRemoval.com
Comments: Honeybee Remval, Swarm Colection, Beekeeping and Honey Production
Jay Streckfuss
Humble, TX

Phone: 281-536-3924
Email: streckfussj@yahoo.com
Removal of honeybees and comb from structures. Removal of swarms. Reasonable prices, Repair of buildings and structures available after bee removal.
Ari & Wade Marley
Jacksboro, TX
Phone: 940-229-1838 / 1839
Email: arimarley@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/BurwickBees
Comments: We do swarms & beehive removals and relocations. We would love to help you out so give us a call, also if your able to take picture’s of the bees send picture’s to cell# and please don’t spray the bees!!!
Jacksonville, TX
Phone: 928-525-6970
Email: wetpaintjb@yahoo.com
Comments: bee hive and swarm capture and relocation.
Terry McFall
Jasper, TX

Phone: 409-384-3626/289-7387 (c)
Email: tdmcfallclan@yahoo.com
Outside swarms removed free in Jasper, Newton, and Tyler Counties. Bees safely relocated.
Patrick Rakowitz
Jourdanton, TX
Phone: 903-238-7535
Email: nelson1982@yahoo.com
Comments: Honey bee removal and relocation from homes and trees.
Aida Macias
Katy, TX
Phone: 832-386-8974
Email: aidilla84@gmail.com
Comments: We provide BEE REMOVAL, HIVE REMOVAL, swarm removal. We Remove bees and relocates them to our Beekeeper Place in Brazoria, Texas, where they pollinate crops and produce honey. We provide the best pest control in Katy Texas for bee control, we do not expose our customers or our bees to poisons or pesticides.
We are State Licensed and Board Certified.
Eric Luebbert
Keller, TX
Phone: 817-993-0077
Email: eric_luebbert@yahoo.com
Comments: Will remove swarms on outside of structures, trees, fences, etc… Also will do trap outs. Will removed hives from non-residential building.
Bee Man’s Bee Removal
Kilgore, TX

Phone: 903-722-1849
Email: beemaneasttx@yahoo.com
I will remove bees from any structure. Have been doing bee removal for a few years now. Once I remove the bees I rehabilitate them and put them to work. I service all of the East Tx area. I will travel farther just give me a call.
Queston Newell
Killeen, TX

Phone: 254-319-4461
Email: queston.newell@us.army.mil
Swarm Removal, Hive Removal, Bee Relocation/Removal Service
Michael Zambrano
Killeen, TX

Phone: 254-368-9880
Email: killeenfarmersmarket@gmail.om
Swarm removal and relocation. Will remove honey bee swarms and established hives as long as no demolition is involved. All bees will be given a good home.
Jack Isbell
Killeen, TX
Phone: 254-526-9173
Email: jvisbell@embarqmail.com
Comments: I remove bees from your property and provide them with a new location. No charge for me coming to the swarm location or collecting the bees. I serve the Greater Ft. Hood area including Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove and surrounding area. No answer please leave a message and I will return your call.
Emil Kaluza
La Grange, TX
Phone: 979-966-2631 or 979-247-4007
Email: ejkaluza@cvctx.com
Comments: Swarms and colonies removed. Cutouts done, but no repair. No climbing over 15′. Demolition or tree cutting may be necessary to access bees, no repair, cut-up- or haul-off available. Estimate on inspection. Fuel charge plus bees both ways from La Grange, Texas. Call on swarms immediately, because they change location suddenly and if they are gone, fuel charge still applies. Must have electrical and water access.
John Tucker
LaPorte, TX
Phone: 936-641-2704
Email: fishfocker29@gmail.com
Website: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV93VOWqKft9PNyAu2PdRWg
Comments: I specialize in honeybee swarms and structural removals. I have years of experience and you will not find someone who still works off a hand shakes like I do. I do all swarms calls for free and structural removals at a price agreed upon by both parties. There will be no surprises at the end of a job. I have been featured with my removals on the national geographic channel and Have a Youtube channel where you can see a lot of my work. Please call me for a free estimate!!! JT’s Honeybees (licensed by State of Texas).
Cliffton Leverett
Laredo, TX

Phone: 832-543-3532
Email: beekeeper@laredobees.com
Website: http://www.laredobees.com/
Swarm Removal and Established Hive Removal. Price depends on job and difficulty. It could range from gas money to $75/hr.
Coty Cooper
Lillian, TX
Phone: 817-357-0973
Email: hivejunkie@gmail.com
Comments: Johnson, Tarrant Hill and Somerville county…I remove Bees, bee hives and swarms. I also offer “trap outs” to remove bees from trees and structures which is a non evasive aproach of removal. ask for details.
Arthur Evans
Lockhart, TX
Phone: 512-878-7538
Email: arthurevans23@gmail.com
Comments: Live removal only cut outs total bee removals clean up we raise bee’s
David DeLorme
Longview, TX

Phone: 903-918-8545
Email: davidbdelorme@gmail.com
Feral Hive Removals, Residential and Commercial, Yearly subscriptions available
BeeMan’s Bee Removal
Longview, TX

Phone: 903-722-1849
Email: Beemaneasttx@yahoo.co
We do Bee removal as well as all other extermination services.
Mike Rappazzo
Longview, TX

Phone: 903-931-3499
Email: kingfisherapiaries@gmail.com
Swarm and hive Removal.
Lubbock, TX

Phone: 806-787-7698
Email: LD.Naugher@att.net
I have been beekeeping for many years. Colony/hive/swarm removals I have performed came from trees, travel trailers, house walls, ceilings, eaves, crawlspaces, storage sheds, barns, water meter boxes, etc. Farmers are discovering them in their wells and I will remove those too. I have had residential and commercial customers. The removal of the bees is of first importance. Preservation of the colony and relocation to a new home is important, but second. Fees are reasonable & negotiable. Call if you have any questions.
Scott Martin
Lufkin, TX
Phone: 409-837-2822
Email: sbskot@gmail.com
Comments: I specialize in all types of honey bee removal services, including swarm captures and hive removals from structures. WE RESCUE BEES! If I cant make it I can put you in contact with someone closer that can. I belong to a couple of bee clubs that gives us access to about 300 beekeepers. We service (Angelina) (Tyler) and (Jasper) Counties.
Luis Slayton
Mcallen, TX
Phone: 956-647-2864
Email: beestronghoney@aol.com
Website: Www.beestronghoney.com
Comments: Complete beehive removal from any structure.
Mark Barnett
Midland, TX

Phone: 432-978-1215
Email: happyfeetfarm@live.com
Website: http://happyfeetfarm.com/BeeKeeping.aspx
We do swarm and live be removal from existing structures. The cost will be on a case by case. We only do live bee removal and rehome them in a hive. Will travel on outskirts of Midland Odessa area on a case by case basis. Trying to save the bees one hive at a time.
Kim Rawlinson
Midlothian, TX
Phone: 469-337-8898
Email: kkrawlinson@gmail.com
Comments: I will pick up swarms for a $25 fee and will consider removing hives from structures. Estimates are free. I put all bees in wooden hives, and they are never killed.
Lydia Lushaj
Midlothian, TX
Phone: 469-463-7949
Email: lydia_@msn.com
Comments: Bee removal nothing to big or small! All bees removed in a safe manor and relocated to my home, no I don’t kill bees!
Mark Robinson
Milam County, TX

Phone: 254-644-8473
Email: mrobisr@gmail.com
Free swarm removal in Milam and bordering counties. All bees will be put into good homes with a NO kill policy.
Frank Simpson
Miles, TX
Phone: 325-716-8063
Email: frankrankinsimpson@gmail.com
Comments: I will and have removed colonies from structures, swarms, and even whole trees colonized by honey bees. I try to save all bees I “rescue” and have several established hives from rescued bees. If I can’t hive them, they remain as a feral colony on my property. I will remove bees within a fifty mile radius of San Angelo, TX.
David Gallager
Nacogdoches, TX

Phone: 936-554-8916
Email: david.gallager@gmail.com
Swarms and Building removals. low Swarms FREE. cut outs price based on difficulty. Nacogdoches and surrounding counties .
Jeff Henson
Nacogdoches, TX

Phone: 936-221-1924
Email: genamaeflower@gmail.com
  I do all kinds of bee removal give me a call to discuss your situation. I will travel to collect bees.
Michael VanRanden
Nederland, TX
Phone: 409-344-2900
Email: pegglegg@pegglegg.com
Website: pegglegg.com
Comments: Honey Bee removable, I am a no kill bee keeper.
Darrell Marchand
Nederland, TX
Phone: 409-722-1899
Email: danj81@netscape.net
Comments: I specialize in all types of honey bee removal services, including swarm captures and hive removals from structures. WE RESCUE BEES! If I cant make it I can put you in contact with someone closer that can I belong to a bee club that is 240 members Strong and growing we service (Jefferson)(Orange)(Hardin)(Jasper)(Newton) Counties.
William B. Smith
Needville, TX

Phone: 281-702-1629
Email: williambsmith@hotmail.com
Swarm removal, cutouts $50.00 (minimum) for bee removal only— replacing siding, boards, bricks, rebuilding and or remodeling houses, barns, garages out buildings etc. is a extra charge. I service Fort Bend and surrounding counties.
Joshua Lopez
New Braunfels, TX

Phone: 830-708-5110
Email: TexasPrepared@gmail.com
Website: www.TexasPrepared.info
I rescue / remove honeybee swarms locally for free, and out of town for the cost of gas. Cut outs and hive removal price based on difficulty. Willing to barter or trade towards the cost of cutouts / hive removals.
Ron Schmidt
New Braunfels, TX
Phone weekdays: 830-625-4997
Email: noscamsinnb@yahoo.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm capture in Comal County and surrounding area. I do not do removals from structures.
Stan Crockett
New Braunfels, TX
Phone: 830-214-1602
Email: sbcrockett3@gmail.com
Comments: I rescue & remove bees (from just about anywhere) and bring them back to my apiary thus re-establishing the colony. Minimum charge $250.00 and up – depending on situation.
Lee and Lisa Savage
Newton, TX
Phone: 409-594-9134
Email: Lisa@RealtySavage.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/SavageFarmsHoneyBeesNewtonTexas
Comments: Swarm removal only in Newton and Jasper counties (we do not do extractions or cut-outs).  We will hive the swarm – we do NOT kill bees!
Stan Key
North Richland Hills, TX

Phone: 817-888-0470
Email: stankey.texas@gmail.com
Bee removal in Tarrant County and nearby areas. Over 30 years experience with bees. Save the bees! Call me! Stan “the Beeman”.
Patrick Lavergne
Orange, TX

Phone: 409-882-1947
Email: plavergne@aol.com
We recover and relocate bees
Kurt Foster
Pampa, Tx

Phone: 806-662-7132
Email: kurtfoster@clear.net
will remove bees from walls and trees
Paris, TX
Phone: 903-517-9537
Email: dbootsspurs@yahoo.com
Comments: Swarm removal ( no charge) in Lamar, Red River, Delta Counties. Will also do removals from structures on case by case basis for fee. Bees will be relocated & managed for honey production.
Dane Beito
Pearland, TX
Phone: 713-530-3161
Email: danebeito@comcast.net
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gulf-Coast-Honey-Bee-Farms/181114738621147
Comments: Honey Bee Removal and Relocate
Robert Harman
Quinlan, TX
Phone: 214-686-4898
Email: robert.harman36@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm and hive removal.
Mike Edwards
Red Oak, TX

Phone: 301-357-0274
Email: sedwardsm@yahoo.com
I am a local beekeeper helping save the honeybees. I do hive removal and swarm removal. Also have local raw and unfiltered honey available.
Darren Milner
Red Oak, Texas

Phone: 951-491-1203
Email: aabeeremovalexperts@gmail.com
Website: www.aabeeremovalexperts.com
we provided live bee removals and swarm pickups. all over DFW, Metroplex and surrounding areas 200 mile radius. we are a turnkey operation, we remove bees and hive from any location and do all the repairs after removing the bees.
Rex Smith
Richardson, TX

Phone: 469-251-2233
Email: HarmonyHollowBees@gmail.com
Website: http://rex.BohemianUtopia.com/wordpress/
Harmony Hollow Apiaries – Richardson Texas. Structural and natural area honeybee removals. Honeybee rescue. Coverage areas: Richardson, Garland, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Dallas Texas and all surrounding entities and counties. Dallas County, Collin County, Kaufman County, Tarrant County, Denton County as well as Van Zandt County. Permit held through Texas Apiary Service for Honeybee structural removals and transport.
Marcus Edwards
Rockwall, TX

Phone: 972-658-4023
Email: marcusedwards20@yahoo.com
Equipped to remove bees from trees, eves and other hard to get places. Once you have identified the honey bees and they are bothersome for you and your family, give me a call and I will gladly discuss options.
Liona Rowan
Round Rock, TX
Phone: 510-402-8689
Email: lionarow@gmail.com
Comments: I can collect swarms and extract some hives. I will do what I can to extract a feral hive lodged in buildings, just know that there will be some damage to the structure and I do not do repairs. I will go within a 30 mile radius (or so) of Round Rock. This includes Williamson and Travis counties. I will require a photo (which can be texted to the above phone #) of the hive/swarm and some basic information. Thanks!
Oakley Honey Bee Removal
Round Rock, TX
Phone: 512-981-9216
Email: Beekeepers@LiveHoneyBeeRemoval.com
Website: http://www.LiveHoneyBeeRemoval.com
Comments: We are beekeepers with over 30 years of experience who are dedicated to the live removal and relocation of honeybees in conflict with human activity. We are registered with the State of Texas Apiary Inspection Service to perform live honey bee removal and relocation. Services provided in Round Rock, Plugerville, Austin, Georgetown and surrounding areas.
Rowlett, TX

Phone: 812-340-0920
Email: cbohman33@yahoo.com
Willing to remove swarms within 15 miles of Rowlett.
Greg Rocka
Rusk, TX
Phone: 903-431-0477
Email: sumrtymebeez@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sumr-Tyme-Beez/1518824951689967
Comments: Swarm removal, cut outs, trap outs. There is no job too big or small. I serve all of Cherokee county.
Brannon Baker
San Antonio, TX

Phone: 210-559-2369
Email: bbelectricpllc@gmail.com
We provide swarm removals as well as cut outs from structures. Call for rates for cut outs.
Michael and Vanessa Lopez
San Antonio, TX

Phone: 210-779-6614
Email: beetexas@yahoo.com
Comments: We provide services for swarm removals and also do removals from structures (cutouts). We provide services in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. We do live removals only.
Wayne Speer
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210-401-6098
Email: sprsi@gvtc.com
Comments: Just getting back in the business after many years. I’ll catch any swarms that are accessible. I can get most of the stragglers now with my ‘bee vac’. Sorry but I no longer remove existing hives from buildings or other places they have decided to take over for a home.
Rick Lay
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210-204-5136
Email: RickTheBeekeeper@gmail.com
Website: http://www.rickthebeekeeper.com/
Comments: We offer Live Bee Removal, Swarm Trap Prevention Service. We cover San Antonio and surrounding counties.
Tom Rairdon
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210-954-3522
Email: tommbox@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal and bee relocation.
Paul Gembarowski
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210-508-6257
Email: paul2929@gvtc.com
Comments: Free swarm removal. I also do hive removals from residential or business structures. I perform live bee removal without pesticides and all bees will be re-hived in a new home. Please call, text or email for a free quote. References upon request.
Chuck Blue Jr
San Marcos, TX

Phone: 512-738-0538
Email: Cmconstb@gmail.com
 Will remove bees from buildings, water meters, or most any locations. Will cover Hays and the surrounding counties. Registered with State of Texas to do Bee Removals.
Bee Removal ATX
San Marcos, TX
Phone: 208-403-2658
Email: byuiproject@gmail.com
Website: http://beeremovalatx.com/
Comments: Got bees? I can help. I will do swarm removal and simple cut outs in the following counties: Hays, Blanco, and Travis. I also help in the following cities: Kyle, San Marcos, Austin, Buda, Wimberley, Dripping Springs, Hays, Woodcreek, Uhland, Bear Creek, Mountain City, and Niederwald. If you have bee swarms regularly I can set traps too.
Charles Steen
Santa Fe, TX

Phone: 409-789-2839
Email: xbeeman412@aol.com
Swarm removal outside of structures and not over 12 feet off the ground.
Tom Snively
Santa Fe, TX

Phone: 409-457-8574
Email: Recentjester@aol.com
Remove bees from almost anything! I do not kill them an will provide a home for them. Fee charged it is time out of ones life doing a service for you. Within 40 mile radius of Santa Fe Texas unless you can’t find anyone mileagew charged.
Jim Stone
Santa Fe, TX

Phone: 409-795-8671
Email: bnsaijim@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/SekiBonsai
Swarm removal – free. Extractions priced on time and expenses. Serving Galveston to Houston!
Steven Pankratz
Spring Branch, TX

Phone: 210-880-5514
Email: steve4bees@gmail.com
Website: http://stevenpankratz.com/bees/
Specializing in Live Bee Rescue. We remove swarms and unwanted colonies from residential and commercial structures. The bees are removed alive and we do what we can to keep them alive. Comal & Wilson Counties and the surrounding areas.
Nick Crites
Springtown, TX

Phone: 817-210-7201
Email: cowboybees@gmail.com
I will remove any bee, anywhere. There will be a charge depending on circumstances. Repairs after removal are extra and available.
James Burgess
Springtown, TX
Phone: 817-323-3453
Email: Jamezb_tx@hotmail.com
Comments: All live honey bee removals. Free estimates. Prices start at $0 for local swarms and go up based upon complexity of the hive and customer circumstances. Service the metroplex and most outlying counties. Quick response and service. Military veteran will provide best options for customers and bees.
Dan Ranca
Stephenville, TX

Phone: 254-485-2526
Email: danranca@gmail.com
Live bee removal. All work is Guaranteed. Serving Erath, Palo Pinto, Eastland, Hood, and Parker counties and surrounding areas. We remove swarms and unwanted colonies of bees from commercial and residential buildings. I have a background in construction and remodeling. The structure is taken apart carefully. The bees are removed alive, as well as the comb, honey and brood. Then we put the building back together. Pricing depends upon mileage and the location of the bees in or on the building.
Craig Johnson
Sulphur Springs, TX
Phone: 903-885-8747
Email: csjtx@suddenlink.net
Comments: I specialize in all types of honey bee removal services, including swarm captures and hive removals from structures. WE RESCUE BEES!
Tristan Rawlings
Sweetwater, TX
Phone: 325-242-5852
Email: 1998tmoneyrawlings@gmail.com
Comments: I will remove swarms and established hives within 25 mile radius of Sweetwater, Texas. Bees will be located to good home. No major cut outs
Eddie Garcia
Temple, TX
Phone: 832-878-6046
Email: texasbeeman@gmail.com
Please request removals by email only. Operating out of Temple, Texas USA, will work jobs in Dallas, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, College Station, Houston and all cities and towns within a 180 miles radius of Temple, Texas. I charge mileage plus an hourly rate. We will not rebuild cutouts or remove tree debris. We will keep the bees, honey, comb, and fees as compensation of services. By scheduled appointment Only.
Chris Miller
Terlingua, TX
Phone: 432-371-3340
Email: info@bigbendbees.com
Website: http://www.bigbendbees.com
Comments: Honeybee removal, swarm capture, bee relocation.
Bill Logan
Texarkana, TX
Phone: 903-244-6626
Email: billrlogan@aol.com
Comments: I remove swarms from the Northeast TX and Southwest Arkansas area. Anywhere within a 100 miles of Texarkana, TX/AR. I don’t charge for this service and do it for the bee’s.
Rex Smith
Tyler, TX
Phone: 903-484-4BEE (4233)
Email: Rex@BohemianUtopia.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm capture and colony removal from structures. Tyler, Lindale, Van, New Harmony, Mount Sylvan, Canton and surrounding areas / counties. Prices quoted per job. Construction background – so can also quote for repairs after live colony removal.
Greg Rocka
Tyler, TX
Phone: 903-431-0477
Email: sumrtymebeez@gmail.com
Comments: Honey bee removal
Cary Voss
Victoria, TX
Phone: 361-648-8114
Email: voss@txbees.com
Website: TxBees.com
Comments: Free swarm removal. Free estimates on structure removal.
Michael Olson
Victoria, TX
Phone: 361-571-2155
Email: mo825641@gmail.com
Comments: I will do swarm removal for a donation. Removals in structures depends on the difficulty of the job. I will give free estimates. All the bees I capture will be taken to my apiary.
John Cooper
Waco, TX
Phone: 254-230-5682
Email: jcooper@wacorei.com
Comments: Live removal of Honey Bees in the Waco, Texas area. I charge $50-$300/hive depending on where they are located to cover my time and fuel.
Michael A Zambrano
Waco, TX
Phone: 254-368-9880
Email: zsbees2013@gmail.com
Website: zshoneybees.com
Comments: I charge $50-$300/hive depending on location of bees to cover time and gas. I do cut outs to remove the honeycomb so the bees will be less likely to return.  7 days a week 365 days a year.
Jason Smith
Weatherford, TX

Phone: 817-597-5922
Email: JCshoneybees@gmail.com
 Third generation bee keeper with four years of bee removal experience. I am willing to remove bees from most any where in the DFW area. Services include swarm pick ups, cut outs, and trap outs. There is a charge to cover my time and expenses.
Brian McQuilkin
Winona, TX
Phone: 903-619-0865
Email: bees@idealhoneybees.com
Website: idealhoneybees.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm capture and colony removal from structures. Winona, Longview, Tyler, Gladewater, Kilgore. We also will go to many other places. Bees are relocated not destroyed.
Tracey LaForge
Wixon Valley, TX
Phone: 979-739-0945
Email: tracey128@gmail.com
Comments: Honey bee rescue and removal, swarm catch. I will do a cut out IF the tree or home of the colony will be destroyed and bees killed. Swarm traps and bait hive installation Hive set up and maintenance if you want to keep the honeybees on your property but don’t really want to do it yourself. I cover Brazos and surrounding counties and am the holder of a bee removal permit as well as being registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service.
Scott Martin
Woodville, TX
Phone: 409-283-4507
Email: sbskot@gmail.com
Comments: Live honey bee removal from your house or building. Your legal Bee removal service Registered with Texas Apiary Inspection Service. Over 35 years experience working with honey bees. Serving Tyler, Jasper, and Angelina Counties.